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 What a Fight/Show here will look like

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Dan Hardy


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PostSubject: What a Fight/Show here will look like    Sun Nov 13, 2011 7:24 pm

Bruce Buffer : Standing in the Red Corner , he is a Mix Martial artist , he stands 6ft , weigh in at 170 Pounds


Bruce Buffer : and His Opponent standing in the Blue Corner , He is a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu , He stands 5'9 ft , Weigh in at 168 Pounds , Fighting out of BRAZIL!!!!!!! JUKO!!!!!!!!!!!!

Joe Rogan: Let Hear Referee Mario Yamasaki Give the Fighters Instructions!

Mario Yamasaki: OK Listen Up this is a 3 min round , i want you to listen to my Instructions at all times , Now i want you 2 to touch Gloves "They Touch Gloves" Now go back to your Corners

Chuck Liddell : you can Feel the Emotion in the Air for the "The Outlaw" Dan Hardy !!! , well Its Time to See our first match here in the UFC!!!

Mario Yamasaki: are you ready?

Dan Hardy: Yes!

Mario Yamasaki: are you ready?

Juko: Yes !

Mario Yamasaki: Now Lets Get it on !!!!

Dan Hardy and Juko paced the ring, attempting throws and quickly dodging or blocking. Finally, Dan Hardy managed a right hook, then began raining down blows that sent Juko to his knees. He sat on top of Juko and began throwing more punches , He Grabs Juko's arm and sets up a Kimora But Juko get's out. Hardy Reaches Over for the Clinch but Juko Kicks him in the face sending Hardy to the Floor
Juko gets on top of hardy and Delivers Punches and Elbows to the Head , Hardy Grabs Juko and holds him until the ref pulled him away. Wen they get up Juko delivers a Front kick But Dan hardy Punches Juko and Sends Him to the Floor Ground and Pounding away until the ref pulled him away.

(1: 23 Left in the 1st round)

Juko and Dan Hardy Both Deliver Punches to each other But Dan Hits Juko Harder and sends him to the Floor Dan Hardy applies a Rear Naked Choke to Juko

( 30 sec left in 1st round)

Juko gets out and Stands Up , Hardy and Juko Stare at each other and Mario Yamasaki stops the match signaling the end of that round....

(Commercial Break)

Joe Rogan : that was a Exiting !!! Right Chuck?
Chuck Liddell: you are Damn Right Joe 2 of the Greatest Welterweights in the UFC !!!! Today.....

(Mario Yamasaki Starts the Second Round)

Juko comes running at Dan Delivering a Knee to the Face of Dan Hardy ..... He Falls down and Covers Himself .... Juko Grounds and Pounds Dan Juko then Grabs Dan Hardy's arm and Sets up an Arm Bar
submission Hold

(2:10 In the second round)

Hardy Gets out from it and stands Up Delivering a Superman Punch Followed by Multiple Kicks/Punches to the Head and cuts Juko wide open (near his Left eye) Juko walks back-word's and Dan Hits Him With a Superman Punch once again and Juko Falls down , Hardy then Mounts on top of Juko and Hits Him with Powerful Left and wrights to the face ... Hardy then Grabs Jukos head and applies a rear Naked choke

(50 sec left in Second round)

Mario Yamasaki sees Juko Tap and pulled Dan Hardy away from Juko

Dan Hardy celebrates with his Trainers and Poses to the crowd

Joe Rogan : wow ..... Just wow , that was Domination 101 from hardy he took the Fight to Juko and thats why Dan Hardy is so Great in the Octagon

Chuck Liddell: I know Joe and i agree with you this Kid has talent !!

Bruce Buffer : The winner By Submission DAN "THE OUTLAW" HARDYYYY!!!!!!!!!!

(Dan Celebrates and raises his hand , Joe rogan is seen in the ring and is about to talk to Dan Hardy)

Joe Rogan : wow Dan that was an amizing display of what you can do in the Octagon !! how do you feel?

Dan Hardy: I feel great , Joe i am verry impressed with juko he is a great fighter , He almost Got me like 2 times in the Octagon wen he hit me With that Flying Knee and wen he applied the Kimora

Joe Rogan: well Dan that was an impressive performance and we hope to see you in another fight again take care

Dan Hardy: Thank you Joe

Like This so that's kinda how shows are going to look like and also i will add promos to the shows and will have mostly have 3/4 Fights in a show.

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What a Fight/Show here will look like
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