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PostSubject: UFC RULES IN THE OCTAGON    Sun Jan 29, 2012 12:27 pm

UFC matches vary in maximum length, depending on whether the match is for a Championship title, or is a fight card's "main event" fight. In all fights, each round can be no longer than five minutes. Championship fights last for a maximum of five rounds. Non-championship "main event" fights (ie. the final fight on the card), will also last for a maximum of five rounds. Bouts which are either on the preliminary card, or on the main card prior to the main event, last for a maximum of three rounds. There is a one-minute rest period between rounds.

Weight Divisions:
The UFC weight classes:

Weight class name Upper limit
in pounds (lb) in kilograms (kg)

Lightweight 155 - 70.3

Welterweight 170 - 77.1

Middleweight 185 - 83.9

Light Heavyweight 205 - 93.0

Heavyweight 265 - 120.2

Match outcome Matches usually end via:

Submission: a fighter clearly taps the mat or his opponent, or verbally submits. Also a technical submission may be called when a fighter either loses consciousness or is on the verge of serious injury while in a hold.

Knockout: a fighter is put into a state of unconsciousness resulting from any legal strike.

Technical Knockout (TKO): If the referee decides a fighter cannot continue, the fight is ruled as a technical knockout. Technical knockouts can be classified into three categories:
referee stoppage (the referee ends the fight because one fighter is unable to intelligently defend himself)
doctor stoppage (a ring side doctor decides that it is unsafe for the fighter to continue the bout due to excessive bleeding or physical injuries)
corner stoppage (a fighter's cornerman signals defeat for their own fighter)

Judges' Decision: Depending on scoring, a match may end as:
unanimous decision (all three judges score a win for fighter A)
majority decision (two judges score a win for fighter A, one judge scores a draw)
split decision (two judges score a win for fighter A, one judge scores a win for fighter

A fight can also end in a technical decision, technical submission, disqualification, forfeit, technical draw, or no contest. The latter two outcomes have no winners.

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