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 UFC Rulebook

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Dana White

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PostSubject: UFC Rulebook   Wed Nov 02, 2011 9:17 pm

Ultimate Fighting Championship Entertainment Rulebook

- Respect all users on this forum, we don't want any drama so just chillout.
- No racial or sexual discrimination what so ever.
- No spamming of course.
- Have a good time here in Ultimate Fighting Champion
- You're required atleast one promo a match.
- Be creative and unique with your character.
- Remember quality over quantity. We prefer if somebody can make a 400 word promo that makes sense over a 5000 word promo that is full with BS.
- Find an open pic base (We ONLY allow UFC, MMA fighters After you choose your pic base you will have 3 more opportunities to change it)
- Post a contract
- Make your debut promo here so that we can get a feel of your character
- You may have up to 2 characters
- keep site active. Feel free to post around, make some threads, get to know the users. I've said it before but just simply have fun!
-I will write the matches btw its way easier and i can make it past the deadline all you have to do is write a Promo and if it's better than your opponents then you will win.
-also if you where in the old UFC Fed i did you can still sign up as that same person. oh and also ONLY MMA/UFC/other promotion fighters ... but if a WWE superstar has a MMA backround then it is acceptable
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UFC Rulebook
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